Infrared images with a GoPro Hero5 camera

Recording infrared images with a GoPro Hero5 camera

GoPro Hero 5 camera with a B+W 093 IR filter

A GoPro Hero 5 Black can record infrared images even though it was never designed to do so.

Most digital cameras have an infrared blocking filter placed in front of the sensor to help improve the quality of the natural colour image. Fortunately some of these infrared blocking filters donít block 100% of the infrared light so if we can block all the visible light from reaching the sensor we can create an image from the infrared light that does make it through.

All we need to do is place an infrared transmission filter (blocking all visible light and transmiting only infrared light) in front of the lens. I set the camera to Night Lapse Photo mode because it allowed me to record a sequence of images without touching the camera (to reduce camera shake when the shutter was depressed), it also allowed me to record a longer sequence of images in case I wanted to create a time lapse video at a later date.

Here are the settings I used:

    Camera: GoPro Hero5 Black
    Resolution: 12MP (4000 X 3000 pixels)
    Filter: B+W 093 IR
    Mode: Night Lapse Photo
    Shutter Speed: AUTO
    Interval: AUTO (camera will continue to take images until you stop recording)
    FOV: LINR (Linear)
    Protune settings:
      Color: GoPro
      WB: Native
      ISO Min: 100
      ISO Max: 100
      EV Comp: 0
      Sharp: High

Normal color image (1/1500 second @ ISO 100)

Infrared image (1/2 seconds @ ISO 100)

Infrared image converted to grayscale

Grayscale image enhanced

Enhanced image enlarged to 100% (no post-process sharpening)

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Posted by Paul Illsley