Giving the gift of sight

Itís not often we get a chance to make such a huge difference in another persons life with such little effort.

Simply by sharing your old glasses you can literally change someoneís life. Your old glasses can mean the world to someone who needs them.

A trained volunteer assisting a recipient view a sight chart
to make sure her new glasses are appropriate for her needs.

You may think that your old glasses arenít worth anything to anyone, but you would be surprised how many people could benefit from your gift.

For someone who canít afford a pair of glasses, your gift might mean they are able to become a productive member of their community again or the option to continue a valuable family supporting vocation that would otherwise be lost due to poor sight.

To donate a pair of glasses you can contact your local Optometrist, Service Club or Eye Care Center to locate an appropriate organization who are collecting glasses for this purpose or simply send them to us and we will make sure they find their way to those who need them.

Each pair of glasses is tested for prescription strength, sorted and then distributed to someone who needs them. All we ask is that they be in good condition.

For more information contact:

    Karen and Earle Illsley
    12 Glenlee Drive
    Kentville, Nova Scotia
    Canada, B4N4Y5

What can happen (stories of success). Submitted by Earle Illsley.

A local volunteer tests a recipientís vision
prior to receiving a new pair of glasses.

Thank you for considering this simple and potentially life changing act of compassion.

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